Marco Ristuccia

Marco Ristuccia was born in Siracusa (Italy) in 1971. He took the first photos with his father's camera, immediately falling in love with this powerful means of communication. In 1989 he moved to Turin to attend the Polytechnic Instituteand receive a Master Degree in Computer Engineering. In 2009 he decided to pursue the photographic career, capitalizing also the technical background which provides him with a particular inclination towards deep conceptual analysis and strong formal balance. He moved to Milan and attended the two years photography master atItalian Institute of Photography (IIF).

As a photojournalist he actually collaborates with the magazine Il Nuovo Berlinese for which he conducts photo-reportages and writes articles.

He also collaborated for over one year as an editor with the photography magazine Urbanautica or which he conducted international photographic scouting and interviews.

Beside commercial works Marco's personal projects cover reportage, urban and natural landscape and art photography. He is seldom interested in photographing people as main subject, preferring instead a rather neutral approach, or an indirect one, focusing on consequences and traces of human life.

You can find project updates and thoughts on concepts and photography in his blog The light beam

Marco lives and works in Berlin.


  • - 2009-2011: Professional Superior Photography Master at the Italian Institute of Photography (Milan).

  • - July 2010: workshop on Reportage tutored by the photographerSara Munari.

  • - Known languages: English and Italian.


  • - April 2013: participation in the event–exhibition “MACHT KUNST” organized by the “Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle” with the project “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” –Alte Münze Berlin(Berlin).

  • - April 2013: personal exhibition of the project “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” –Spiritus Mundi (Berlin).

  • - May 2012: personal exhibition of the project “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” –Visconti Castle(Abbiategrasso - Milan).

  • - May 2012: exhibition of the work “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” from the event “L'albero: un paesaggio oltre i confini dell'immaginazione” curated by Erminio Annunzi –MIA Milan Image Fair - Superstudiopiù(Milan).

  • - May 2012: during the Photofestival 2012 collective exhibition “Le Meraviglie di Alice” curated by Roberto Mutti –Spazio Concept(Milan).

  • - February 2012: in occasion of the eventVOCE(Volunteers at the Center): exhibition of the photographic series"All together"produced during theInternational Contemporary Art Symposium(May 2011) -Royal Palace(Milan)

  • - January 2012: prize for the best photo of “Fassi Crane Art Calendar 2012” –Fassi Spa (

  • - November 2011: collective exhibition “L'albero: un paesaggio oltre i confini dell'immaginazione” curated by Erminio Annunzi –Festival of Photography of Busto Arsizio - Palazzo Marliani Cicogna(Busto Arsizio (VA) - ITALY).

  • - September 2011: collective exhibition “ in progress”: portraits of young designers – Design Library(Milan – ITALY).

  • - July 2011: Ccllective exhibition “Le Meraviglie di Alice” (second vision) curated by Roberto Mutti –Squinterno FestivalBerceto (Parma – ITALY).

  • - June 2011: collective exhibition “Le Meraviglie di Alice ” curated by Roberto Mutti – Exhibition atTadino Contemporary Art Gallery(Milan – ITALY).

  • - May 2011: collective exhibition “Portraits of Family” promoted by theAndersen International SchoolChiostri di San Barnaba (Milan – ITALY).

  • - May 2011: international Contemporary Art Symposium “Solidarietà e Volontariato” promoted bySacra Famiglia FoundationFinal exhibition at Villa Marazzi (Cesano Boscone – ITALY).

  • - May 2011: collective exhibition “Palermi-Tana” atAuchan Galleries Exhibition Space(Monza – ITALY).

  • - April 2011: collective exhibition “Design-Re”: portraits of young designers -Salone del Mobile Fair(Milan – ITALY).

  • - February 2011: collective exhibition “The Chamber of Work, a long walk...” at theChamber of Work(Milan – ITALY).

  • - November 2010: special mention atROBERTO DEL CARLO Lucca Digital Photo Contest 2010with the work “Il Sacro e il Profano” (Lucca – ITALY).


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